Crypto Raffle Riches

“Welcome to the thrilling realm of CryptoRaffle Riches, where luck meets blockchain brilliance! Engage in the ultimate crypto raffle experience, as every ticket becomes a gateway to fortunes in the digital landscape. Immerse yourself in the excitement of cryptographic chances, unlock rare treasures, and ride the waves of blockchain luck. With each draw, witness the fusion of technology and fortune unfold, offering players the chance to seize crypto-riches like never before. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey where the allure of crypto awaits in every ticket!”

4% of all buys and sells will be added to a prize pool and 3 lucky winners will be chosen every Friday. The winners will
Be selected by a raffle based system all wallets that are holding $CRR will be automatically entered, but to be eligible for the raffle you would need to have purchased a minimum of $20 worth of $CRR Token. 
Investing just $1 into our wallet opens the door to an exciting opportunity where you stand a chance to win the entire amount and more! The algorithm-driven Crypto $1 Wallet Game ensures that every participant has a shot at winning a wallet containing digital assets exceeding the initial investment. It’s a thrilling, affordable entry point into the world of cryptocurrency, offering the potential for participants to not only recoup their investment but to unlock a diverse array of valuable digital assets. Join the game, invest wisely, and let the excitement of crypto possibilities unfold!

Every Friday, the Crypto Every Friday Raffle Draw unfolds a thrilling spectacle of chance and cryptocurrency excitement. To participate, investors who have bought and held $CRR for that week will be entered into the draw. As the week progresses, anticipation builds, and on Friday, the blockchain-powered draw selects lucky winners. The transparency of the blockchain ensures fairness, with results accessible to all participants.

Winners revel in a crypto windfall, receiving various percentages of the prize pool. The Crypto Every Friday Raffle Draw not only provides a chance at substantial rewards but also fosters a dynamic community of crypto enthusiasts, uniting them in the pursuit of weekly excitement and financial possibilities. 

Our Games

Crypto Bingo Game

In our Crypto Bingo Game, the traditional thrill of bingo meets the exciting world of cryptocurrency! Players acquire bingo cards using digital assets, and each card represents a unique combination of crypto elements. As the game progresses, a blockchain-based algorithm randomly selects crypto tokens corresponding to the numbers on the cards.

Raffle Draw

Participants mark off their matching numbers, and the first to complete a line or achieve a specific pattern wins crypto prizes. The transparency of blockchain ensures fairness, and players can track the draw in real-time. It’s a captivating fusion of traditional gaming and cutting-edge technology, offering participants a chance to enjoy the excitement of bingo while diving into the world of digital assets and crypto rewards.

Crypto Wheel of Fortune

In our Crypto Wheel of Fortune, the thrill of spinning meets the excitement of cryptocurrency! Participants engage by using digital assets to spin the wheel, each segment of which represents a unique crypto reward. The wheel, powered by blockchain technology, ensures fairness and transparency in every spin.

Crypto $1 wallet game

As the wheel spins, participants eagerly await where it lands, unveiling their crypto prize. Prizes may range from popular cryptocurrencies to exclusive tokens or NFTs. It’s an exhilarating and accessible way for users to interact with the crypto world, offering a dynamic experience where every spin holds the potential for digital riches. Join the excitement, spin the wheel, and discover the possibilities within the Crypto Wheel of Fortune!


Total supply 10,000,000,000

  • 25% to presale
  • 15% to liquidity
  • 25% staking platform
  • 15% cex listing
  • 10% airdrop marketing
  • 10% burned

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